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Being immersed in a Preserved Nature Reserve, Aymara Lodge benefits from its special geographic location, which guarantees that it is the official point of many species of birds characteristic of the region. And it was exactly this magic of the place that led our founders Lisa and Giuliano to bet on the development of the Aymara Experience, especially there.

Birdwatching is something that happens naturally at Aymara Lodge and can be experienced in different intensities: the first encounter that our guests usually fall in love with is with the most famous pair of animals, the pair of Blue Macaws that orchestrate the official soundtrack of Aymara Lodge.

Due to the diversity of resident species, we decided to create the Official Scale Aymara Birdman for anyone interested in the subject, which can be extremely surprising and engaging even for first-time bird lovers. Understand how it works:

  • All guests receive their official registration sheet at Check-in

  • The Registration sheet will be available throughout the stay for each guest to record their observations.

  • We document the guest with a photograph at check-out with their registration sheet that will be filed in our books and for their next visit

  • The guest who manages to evolve from the white belt level will be officially awarded the title of Official Birder Aymara.

  • Authorized notes will be formally updated in our social media.

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