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Guided by the love for Nature and primarily by the idea of promoting experiences with differentiated quality service at a fair value, lawyer Lisa Canavarros and guide - Giuliano Bernardon made a long-term commitment when they decided to invest in Aymara Lodge in 2019. " On my expeditions with bird watchers, nature photographers, wildlife lovers and teams from National Geographic and BBC, I frequented the Aymara, like other hotels in the region and this was my favorite place in the Pantanal, where we really had this feeling of literally being in a real experience of contact with nature.” - explains Giuliano.

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Giuliano has been a professional guide since 1998. As a specialist in birdwatching and photography, Giuliano is co-author of the field guide “Aves do Pantanal”, by Editora Aves e Fotos. and responsible for several discoveries for the areas where he works, has made several contributions to scientific and ecological productions in the area of ​​ornithology. He has already guided through a good part of Brazil, but it was in the Pantanal that he decided to settle down and, alongside his wife Lisa, carry out this new project.

In this life project, Lisa and Giuliano work so that the purpose of Aymara Lodge is transversal to every guest profile who visits the Aymara Nature Reserve, regardless of whether they are families with small children, couples, small retreat groups, petit-committees of incentives, celebrations or the solo traveler. The focus is to create experiences in contact with nature, with authenticity and a lot of enchantment.

The relationship with the defense of biodiversity and with responsible tourism, represented by the protection and maintenance of the Aymara Nature Reserve.


Conservation is an intrinsic part of Aymara Lodge's activities. In addition to taking care of the use of electricity, water and effluents, our property is a private reserve dedicated exclusively to ecotourism, preservation and studies, where researchers have a support structure that is exclusive to them.

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