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The Porto Jofre region, where the Transpantaneira Highway ends, is the area with the biggest population of jaguars in the world. There is also the Encontro das Águas State Park, a wild and highly protected area, where it is possible to see several species of birds and mammals.

From Poconé to Porto Jofre there are 140 km of dirt road and approximately 120 bridges, some made of wood and others made of concrete.

In the green season (December to April) travel in this region is only possible in a 4x4 vehicle, due to several points of the flooded area.

In Porto Jofre there are some options for hotels, inns, and hotel boats. We work with the best options.

From Aymara Lodge to Porto Jofre it is 120 km and the journey goes from 2:30 am and 3:00 am.

On Jaguar Day, guests leave Aymara at 05:00 am and get to Jofre around 07:30/08:00. Board the boat and go up the Cuiabá River in search of jaguars and other animals. Between 15:00 and 16:00, the group returns to Jofre and goes back to Aymara. We offer a snack box and an additional meal on that day.

The safari is done by boat and the jaguars can be seen on the river bank.

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