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In the winter of 2021 we officially started our programs dedicated to wine lovers. In partnership with the Winery winery based in Cuiabá and delivering to Brazil, we decided to propose this experience that is also part of Aymara's DNA: connecting to nature and at the same time enjoying a different label, suggested by our partner, to that season.

Each month, Winery prepares a selection of labels exclusively for Aymara Lodge and we make the news available in our virtual boutique. The selection of standard labels is suggested at the time of booking confirmation for early reservation of labels that are limited. There is also the possibility for the guest to pre-request specific labels for their stay, even before their arrival in the place. With this option, the order needs to be confirmed 07 days in advance so we confirm the availability.

With more than 300 labels and wines from 16 different countries, we seek to complete the Aymara guest experience, extending the possibilities of personalizing the stay, surpassing expectations.

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