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The Giant Armadillo - the largest existing armadillo has been spotted!

The giant armadillo threatened with extinction and a bioindicator of environmental quality is captured by camera traps at the Aymara Lodge in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso.

Very rare and important for the maintenance of ecosystems, the giant armadillo Priodontes maximus, the largest existing armadillo can reach 1.50 m in length and 60 kg and can only survive in environments that have environmental quality and a great biodiversity around it. Normally with nocturnal habits and rarely seen during the day, in the video we can see a couple walking along one of the inn's trails.

The species is classified as vulnerable to extinction and is a true natural engineer, building burrows that can be used by 24 species of vertebrates such as Ocelots, rodents, anteaters and more.

The preservation of species such as the giant armadillo and many others, guarantees the balance of life in the Pantanal, keeping the ecosystems unstable and viable for life inside and outside the biomes.

Text and image: Pablo Edini

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